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ScoreNavigator is a credit analysis tool designed for consumers and loan originators. It analyzes the electronic version of a credit report and recommends the quickest way to achieve a credit score and to achieve the score needed for loan approval. It is a scientific analytical tool. Its recommendations are based on the understanding of credit score calculations and how different factors affect scores either positively or negatively.

Mission Statement

CreditDNA's Mission

As an online Financial and Credit Wellness company, CreditDNA, Inc.'s goal is to enhance the quality of its customers' lives by maximizing their financial and credit worthiness. This includes making sure that credit reports accurately reflect financial responsibility and educating the consumer about how finance and credit impacts a vast array of today's decision makers whether they be lenders, employers, insurers or other industry. CreditDNA seeks to provide financial freedom for its customers by providing the tools to understand and manage their finances and credit.

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Services We Offer

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Credit & Financial Education


We believe in educating all consumers in all things concerning credit & finance.

Financial Wellness


You can't manage your credit until you can manage your finances.

Credit Wellness


We help you to understand your credit data and how it affects you.

Credit & Financial Tools


Our state of the art tools tie all our services together.